Tuesday, June 15, 2010

North Korea Makes Brazil Dance Less

I love Brazil, but who knew that a little crazy Asian country can scare them off and keep them at bay....politics aside, I might want to shop around for a North Korea Jersey right now...but I won't because I do not need any trouble with the authorities. For the same reasons I won't be getting a Persian cat either. The score 2 to 1 Brazil is a surprise to many of us...North Korea played like they have nothing to fear, maybe because they do not get free media about how awesome Brazil is...

We saw less of Brazil, their tactics, and their moves...North Korea gave them the game they have never expected and even rocked their net once....Yes North Korea lost, but they came looking strong and like a team to beat.....I wish them well in their next game and i know I still like a bit of Samba....

I think the first Brazilian goal was entirely the fault of the goalie who left a gab between him and the goal allowing Brazil to score. The second goal, you have the North Korean defense to blame for that.....but the Korean goal was nothing short of Magical....it is how forward player day dream to outsmart an enitre line of players and make their mark. You cannot help but like a little guy who keeps on trying...




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