Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain is in Pain

I just saw the world's Cup most beautiful goal in Spain....Hats to you Switzerland! So much for the European champsions and tash talking Eruope. Spain is the hub for the best of the European soccer school and the South American one! and all that did not stop the Swiss player from outsmarting the Spain team and goalie to score! Boy, he made them dance for it and got it pass all of them....

Swiss chocolate milk might no longer be the best Swiss!

the Swiss goalkeeper is earning his paycheck so far....It's all Spain time now

Minute 53 and I can tell Spain will get back and win....but good job Switzerland!

History has been made today....Swizerland gave Spain the game they never saw coming, defeating them early on cannot wait to read the Spanish newspapers. this is what upset look like...

Here is how they held on their win, their goalie is one firewall that lets nothing get pass him and he was dynamic. the Swiss defenders has unmatched skills for clearing and deflecting dangerous balls...blocking most of their shots and standing between the Spanish forward and the Swiss goal...awesome




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