Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Marriage During This Stinker Economy

With the way the economy is going, many people in efforts to slash the costs of their living and cut their costs are opting to get married! No late partying no nights are the local bar and cupcake bakery....welcome married life! Home cooked meals are a plus and you always have a date that enjoys the things you like, and there is no room for games and "Does he/she like me?"

This is just common sense to save up on your botches dates and finally what better time to take advantage of Buy one get second 1/2 off deals?

You are welcome, I just saved you a bunch of money right there! What are you waiting for, go...go find your heartthrob!


Anonymous said...

so u think ssooooo!wow this sounds good.ummmmmmmmmmmm i seee



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