Sunday, June 27, 2010

German Chocolate Cake

Germany took on England their historical rival and gave them a good run for their's 4 one right now and Germany seems to be at peace....their players seem a lot more relaxed yet a lot more aggressive than the English team.

This has been a fun game, England should have an extra goal but the referee did not see it come, it was in and it was clear to have entered the German goal, but it did not count.

UK has had been looking too well ever since the tournament started, Germany on the other hand looked good, had a setback in the Serbia game, UK did not lose a game, but they seem to be headed this way shortly in about 5 minutes.

I feel bad for the English team, Rooney feels alone and I do not see any other awesome goalkeepers, James is not as good as Green who had a flop and then was sent home....

Player number 8 in the German team has just shown us that he is well paid and for a god reason, he is a true play maker whose priority to get his German team ahead in the tournament. I like that about him, it reminds me of Zidan in a way.

I think I am ready to say both Germany and Argentina will advance and we are up to what will be a great World Cup. Cannot wait to read the headlines of the English newspapers tomorrow.




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