Friday, June 18, 2010

Algeria Catches Fire Within, UK Loses Steam

It looks like there are two teams playing for the country of Algeria, I sure like the one I am seeing today, they are determined to save the day and rock England like no one ever has done before.... Catches

They got a new goalkeeper that has done all the right things, they got their inner fire going again!

Speed, resilience, and fighting spirit is all present in the Game against the UK, Algeria not only is keeping the English strikers at bay before they can get in the danger zone, they are deflecting the ball and taking it to the English court all the way...I think they have the upper hand so far....but England might have a number of tricks in their bag....

I love a good game when both teams are after a win, it brings the best in them.

Even though the coach has said about facing England, "We got nothing to lose",it seems that his players are playing like their life is on the line.

Only 60 minutes to know who will dominate the other, but I am beginning to think the trip to see the South African crocodiles, the Algerian coach made his players take right before the game was a great move...

Game over,

A my take on it, Algeria had the most to gain from this tie (a in would have been sweet) but England came out looking disoriented and clueless. Tough road ahead for both England and Algeria....Algeria has to win against US....and US has to beat Slovenia....then they would tie for the points....and that makes it really hard....

let's watch how this unfolds....




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