Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Takes on Algeria, Whos is it gonna be?

Tomorrow, Algeria and the United States will be facing off in a soccer match that has the potential determine who gets to advance to the next round.

See, if Algeria has been a weak team lately and if it was not for their fair performance against the UK last week, I would have said they are dead in water, but somehow thy have the momentum and have a lot more reasons to defeat the US.

The US is also got reasons to win as they thought they won against Slovenia, only to have the ref call the goal offside, ( it wasn't)

I think it's all in the hands of Tim Howard, the US goalkeeper, and Bradley, the US golden striker, those will make the game.

The Algerian goalie will be key, not sure which goalkeeper will show up, as they have played with two different ones so far. I hope the Algerians get their team together and not play like divas.

I am hoping Algeria will win this game, it will mean a lot more to them since they do not play basketball, baseball or American football, it is their moment.

I know many Egyptians wants Algeria to lose, they do not care if they lose to the States, and i know a lot more Arabs want Algeria to defeat the States (soccer is an extension of politics via other means) I am only hoping for a clean game




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