Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet and Sour Game

American was the luckier team....they put a great game, the Algerian goalie deserves most of the credit for the game, the post of the American goal deserves some credit for saving a sure ball, the Referee gave an offside call that took back an American goal, this was a great match.

Many Americans for long have claimed that soccer is a boring game, but whenever the Americans play, there is so much drama and stories that it's unfair to say soccer is such. I thought it was a great game and the US deserved to win it, congratulation and hope to see more last minutes plays from the US. Their fans are expecting more from them and rightfully so.

As for Algeria, I do not think they will ever win a game again if they do not do something about their offense, seriously, their players cannot score in the other team and have not done so in the past six months, only scoring once. They need to keep the current goalie (the replacement) and recruit new non diva like players like number 13, 18 and 9....good game though. If the Egyptians open their mouth remind them they have lost to the US 3 nothing and have lost to the UK 2 to one. Algeria did better.




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