Sunday, June 13, 2010

Algeria vs. Slovenia

When Algeria plays Egypt, I am for Egypt, but now I am rooting for Algeria since I know little about the nation of Slovenia.

They must win, they have to win, I woke up at 6:50 AM on Sunday not to see them lose.

It's minute 23, and the Algerian goalie is making it known that he is HERE! He is doing his job and keeping his territoriy clear from any Slovenia.

I think Algeria needs to secure a win if they want to advance and I think that's possible. I think a win for Algeria against England (same group) might be hard, but against Slovenia is possible.

The Algerian team is no short of talent, almost all their players play for European clubs and have the chops to stand up to any player. The question is, will they play at a team? So far, they seem to have their act together. They also happen to have the only African coach in the entire African World Cup, he also in the World Cup for the second time where in 1986 he lead Algeria to the world cup finals.

Minute 34, Algeria just missed a beautiful free kick, followed by a corner and another corner and almost a goal at 35:51.

It's a shame of Algeria cannot score before the end of the first half, they are in control of the ball, and Slovenia has no idea how to win....

39:35 Algeria miss another chance to score...

42:29, Algeria's goalie just earned his paycheck, saving a dangerous ball that could have ruined the game for the fans.

50:00 this remains a boring game.

60:00 Algeria's goalie shines again and saves a dangerous ball

Slovenia is beginning to rattle the Algerians and pressuring them.

Minute 73 Algeria loses a player for touching the ball with his hand intentionally or stupidly if I may say. But Algeria must be ok with that, last time they played Egypt, they lost not one player, not two, but three players....needless to say they were also losing bad.

76, Algeria has a nice attack on Slovenia, two chances to score in less than one minute, the Slovenia goalie saves them both.

78 Slovenia deliver a goal, the Algerian goalie lets one pass him, a one that should never have made it to his net.

90 Algeria looks like they are losing this game....and that';s what everybody expected them to do...I am sure many Egyptians are happy for the Algerian loss.

91 Algeria missed a great chance to tie the I am MAD Algeria is Gone

Hats go to the Algerian coach, he is the man, he gave it his best




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