Thursday, June 17, 2010

Argentina Opens a Can of South Korean Kick A##

Anytime one player is able to score three goals in any team, you know you have a problem....That's what the Argentinian did today beat the South Korean by 4 goals to one lone South Korean goal. In essence Argentina is now safe and will qualify....

why did the South Koreans not defend their goal keeper who was really good, but any good goalie cannot take on more than one player coming from different sides at a time...the South Korean defense is bad if not lame.

Diego Maradona is a winner here, all his critics now can go safely to a dark room and regret what they said about our favorite fat coach. Awsome game, 3 goals for one player--the hieghtest goal count so far in this World Cup.

BTW, Messi was magical he is the man to set up these goals and allow his teammate to deliver. He reminds me so much of Zidan!

Be very afraid if you are facing Argentina..




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