Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rolling General Must've been Stoned

General McChrystal seems like the right guy for the job, after the silly and insulting remarks he made in a Rolling Stone interview, people have been calling for his head. I dot not think he should get fired. It's bizarre what he said, but firing the General will say one thing, President Obama is no different that President Bush who canned one of his generals for an interview with esquire magazine few years ago (read here).

I do not know what General McChrystal was thinking when he gave this interview, but I think it has to be with the General being a big fan of music and the magazine itself where he thought it would be cool to be mentioned in the hip magazine of its time. Personality got him into trouble with his work as he felt too comfortable and dropped his guards when he gave those outlandish comments.

It's a tough position to be at if you are President Obama; on one hand you do not want to intimidate your subordinates and deny them redemption on the other you want to be respected when you are running a country.

also firing the guy who has been in charge of Afghanistan mess for few years now it bad business as that front is not going too well and if you change the leader and things get worse, "Obama should never have let McChrystal go" will be heard in every corner.

Will the president fire him? I do not know, but I will be surprised if he did.




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