Monday, June 21, 2010

Unlucky Number 7

Portugal, the poorest country in Europe smokes out North Korea, the poorest country in Asia by rocking their goal 7 times during a 90 minutes game in the World Cup 2010

Wow, has there been any player in the Portuguese team wanting to score than has not done so?

The North Koreans suffered a stunning defeat in the wake of their good showing against Brazil last week. I did not think such defeats are still possible, but I guess they are and I hope the North Korean players do not lose their lives or seek asylum to avoid returning home after such a defeat.

To win the game against N.Korea was not a surprise for the Portuguese, but to win by a margin of 7 is insane. I like though how the Portugal players tried to be humble and not show too much pleasure in defeating this tiny county with crazy leaders. Seriously, what was their coach thinking? What was the goalkeeper doing? It does not seem he was doing anything to stop those balls.

good game for Europe as the French team seems to be dead in water as the players revolt against their coach.




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