Friday, June 11, 2010

Uruguay Wins By Not Losing

Uruguay Vs. France

here is what worked for the Uruguayan team,

the played defense and just defense, that's worked out for them fro two reasons.
  1. Your players have to be fit, I mean really fit as they have to have their guards up.
  2. Your goalie must be mature and able to function under pressure and contact attacks from France.
  3. Your team has to be a team, not just few good players.
Uruguay owned the game, France naturally is my team of choice, but Uruguay played it right and were alert to what the French are up to. Hope to see more of Uruguay, and I am hoping France will show up with new tricks next time.

Mexico Vs. South Africa

I also think South Africa could have easily won the game, but a tie with Mexico did not have to happen, but since they are in South Africa ranked 35, I guess it is a good start....hope to see Mexico make some heads, as the American companies are gambling big money on their viewership. South Africa made a good comeback, not to hard to do if you are playing at home with thousands of screaming fans. Uruguay showed up and held their ground, France tried and kept on trying, and Mexico lives to fight another day.




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