Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running in Your Sleep

You might know that I enjoy running and I do as much I can, I try to go our on a good run twice a week, just me and my Mp3's now the best time for running as I spot more and more outdoors runners as the weather gets warmer which got me to reflect on how running happens?

Good runners think of running like falling sleep, you do not know when or how it will happen, you just do the same thing every night and it happens. Running is like that, you put your gear on and then hit the road....a great run happens do not remember much of it of the mental games you the end of the day you know it will happen, so have some faith and put on your sneakers....

On another note when I was in Gaza, I did run on the beach and that was a different experience, it turns out running on the sand is one of the harder forms of running. since sand is not stable, it challenges your leg muscles, making them stronger in the process (We got shot at at some point). When I could not go to the beach, I found a stadium five minutes way from my home, I started going there.




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