Monday, June 14, 2010

Dutch Oven In South Africa

Netherlands just won against Denmark 2:0

This game was a lot more fun than many world cup games, the second goal scroed by Netherlands is so fun to watch and many forward players dream about scoring in such a is for sure the fault of the keeper and the defenders who made the mistake of following the ball and taking their eye on the other team players where you see the Netherlands player snuk on them and got the ball is just too bad

The Denmark defense a minute later 86 saved a ball from getting in in a magical way. I mean the ball already passed the goalie and the all players, you see the player was determined to stop it at all costs, and he did save it with his leg deflecting it out side the line by a fraction of a second...wrecking the Netherlands from ending the game at 3 nothing.

It's good to see Europe got the best players and diversity shows, diversity make them relevant. in 2006 I did not see much diversity in European teams, now it is lot more than 2006. Italy however seems to care less about getting players with non Italian names. Maybe immigrations do not like there so much....I was amazing by how many fans the Dutch had in the stadium, with their orange color, it must give them some awesome support.

BTW, Holland has 4 players of Moroccan origins.




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