Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Tango Boys Are BACK

If Argentina does not win the World Cup 2010, I do not know who else will. Diego Maradona is the golden man of this tournament.

2 to 0 Argentina is ahead and Mexico is not looking too good right now....Yes, that was an offside goal that counted, but the second goal reminds you that Argentina is not a one hit wonder. The Referee of this game is another story, he seems to lose control and unable to be in charge of the game that might go down as one of the greats games in the Latin American world. I will be surprised if this ref gets another gig with Fifa. I am glad to have lived to see this game where a man looking for redemption takes charge and leads his country toward greatness.

I think we will have at least 2 more goals, I can see Mexico scoring one, but their goalkeeper seems to be shaken, their players are tailing Messi and other play makers, Mexico has to improve their defense, and their center needs to have more power. I am more than happy with the Argentina goal keeper

Mexico is trying to do what Algeria attempted to do, a shot out, shot at site...meaning once you have a shot or what looks like one, take it.

And the third goal for Argentina was a really cannot stop balls like that. Awesome shot for Argentina....that's what you get when you really admire and respect your coach. True soccer is when you have a team spirit Argentina....if they do not win this darn cup, I do not know who should....

I love Mexican soccer, but this time it's Tango time and the world will have to agree...I know for me Diego is a legend, I was five years old when he win the world cup, guess what? it's the best and first sport event I remember.

And Mexico scores! Good 3 to 1 will that energize them? Sure they will look better now...if they score one more they might feel good as that would make it look like a tie after the offside goal has been eliminated....but Argentina has a great defense, their goalie seems to let them down, he did not even flinch.

You can count on it Germany will meet Argentina in the next round...but I hope Mexico gets another goal. I did see the Mexican goal coming.

speed is what helps Argentina the time between deflecting an attack and taking to their home is short, they got the pace and the craft to win any game, it reminds me of the speed machine Germany has in 2006.




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