Saturday, June 26, 2010

Go Yankee Go


I am guessing everyone in the world might want the US to lose this game....I made up my mind, go US, I am looking forward for a great game.

Ghana is cool, but US is my home now.....Tim Howard is the man to watch....

I do not hope to see plenty kicks....I hope to see a clean game with American upper hand as they truly never give up and never sit idle.

The game has not started yet, but I just saw a Lebanese flag..weird

America is down by one...not a big deal....but the team seems to be overwhelmed and Ghana seems to have the upper hand, America has two yellow cards already. Ghana's goal was too easy to make it, but that's why Tim Howard probably thought...

The second half of the game is like watching a new game....the US is back for blood...Ghana is counting on great defense and stunning goalkeeper. But the US might score, the US will score....the US have to score and they got the players to deliver it.

Ghana is playing a bit more aggressive now, might be a bit dirty, but so far the referee has not called them out on it.

And there was a goal! US is back in the game! nothing like a penalty kick where the player tricks the goalkeeper!

Nice block by the Ghana goal keeper minute 66, he did the right thing and stopped Altidore before he comes near his post.

Ghana scores bringing the score to US has to play catchup

Too bad, America lost the game, but I think there was something was missing, not sure yet, but I thought they played hard, but not clear what they lacked this time around?




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