Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honor the Dead and NOT Run

In this country and countless others, it became fashionable to honor dead friends and relatives by running in their honor. I like this idea, but somehow I think it might not be ideal for the people back at the old country

  1. We only run when something pointing a gun at us (No, the gun they use to start a race does not count)
  2. There is not much space to run in Gaza, and even the beach is dangerous to run on
  3. due to political and military instability, there are a lot more dead relatives than one can count, we will have to run twice a week to honor those dead ones
  4. Israel bans shoes and shoe laces so people do not have much choice when they choose a pair of sneakers.
  5. The road are not meant to be run on bare foot.
  6. If anything we honor our dead with serving a meal and giving out smoke, when do we have time for running?




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