Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel Spin Unspun

Here is what will happen,

The Israeli government will scramble around to try to find justifications for their assault on unarmed civilians. Here is a sample,
  1. The people on the ship came with hate and what did the Israeli troops come with...I am sure it was not candy and the latest Celine Dion song.
  2. There were Iranian figures on the boat....even it this was true...when did they know this and why kill the Turkish nationals?
  3. We told them not to come...sure you did, but they were not coming to Israel nor will they bass in any Israeli water. The Israeli military stormed the ships in the international water.
  4. the boat people came in with weapons....Sure, they had kitchen knives and sticks....I am sure if they wanted a fight they could have found few guns in Turkey.
  5. A former US Ambassador (81 years of age) from Chevy Chase, Maryland was on the ship....is he a violent person?
  6. There is no starvation in Gaza, yes, there is no such I agree, but what about being cut from the world? terrorized on daily basis? lacing the freedom to move? The Israelis know this is more than anyone else....I know they do not enjoy spending their time in bomb shelters where there is plenty of food. Gaza is a huge pri0sn believe it.
  7. The Israelis say, "Our soldiers had to defend themselves" I would believe this if the boat people were anywhere near Israel! If Israelis have the right to defend themselves, others have the same right! Or do they want the activist to just bend over.
  8. You say, Israeli leadership, I saw what leadership? If this is the way Israel treats peace activists, how do you think they treat violent ones?
  9. Does Israel need to insult the moderates? What did Sweden/Greece/Kuwait do to deserve the mistreatment of their nationals in the high seas?
  10. No, American will not save the day.....the US congress is sold a long time ago, the President cannot/won't really do much, so much for his Muslim outreach.




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