Friday, June 18, 2010

Today, I Raise a Black Flag

The Referee for the German Serbia game is an idiot...Germany loses an easy game because of a moron who felt yellow card happy....

The referee for the US Slovenia game is runner up, he gave a yellow card that should not have been used, the ball never touched the hand of the player to whom the yellow flag was issued!

dude, what the heck happened to Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper? I hardly recognize him anymore...the first goal was really hard to stop, I give him that....

First half and the US is down by 2 now...they still can make it, they were really doing well up to the point Slovenia team scored the second goal...they seemed to be intimidated. They keep to moving the ball backward not forward....and I can see the frustrations on the face of their coach and their cheering fans.

I hope the US does not will have a harder time being an American game if America loses...It's a sad game when one of the smallest nations brings down the world's super power, it is kind of democratic.

Of course Algeria playing today most likely will lose and this would be the worse day in this tournament so here is my black flag

The US is back in the field....awesome goal that shows the higher mental skills number 10 had...he did not lose his mojo....he kept it together and got it in pass the goalie (Europe's finest) was was outsmarted...keep going...only one more to go...

they are picking up the slack, I think they really WANT to win....
It's a draw now...the son has atoned for the sins of his father....the son of America's coach has scored to bring America to a tie with the tiny nation of Slovenia

Dangerous last five minutes! Hold your breath!




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