Saturday, June 12, 2010

Argentina Is Up To a Good Start

Argentina shows up and Maradona steals the show,

I know most people in Latin America hate the Argentinians and some of this hatred is justified, but if you truly love soccer then you would say the Argentina Nigeria game was a great one....I am so glad Nigeria did not end up hiring the coach of the Egypt National team as they wanted him to come for an interview after has has won the Africa Cup, he said "no, that's not how it works, you come to me" Captain Hassan would have an uphill battle to climb, he might even have done damage to his brand if they took the job.

I know they have been talking about having the world's best soccer player, but it takes more than that to lead a team of stars who have not won a world cup in more than 20 years. But I really want to see a great World Cup, that's why I like to see Argentina advance.

So Far Argentina is ahead...but it seems like an easy game so far!

From the second half, the Nigerians are really fit and they are not letting up....they are keeping pressure on the Argentina goalkeeper. Messi from Argentina is showing us all that he is a master of his game...but I think he needs some fine tunning as he is not a great play maker....he is a great forward, but so far not being able to connect the dots.

I am beginning to see the tango dancers trying to catch a minute 81, Messi came close to scoring again, but too bad the Nigerian goalkeeper was on alert. The Nigerians missed another chance at minute 82! man....this is why soccer is awesome.

No surprise there, Argentina wins, but they need a lot more action to keep it going.




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